Barbas is a male cat, born in 2016. Castrated. Blood tests from 2017. Positive for FeLV. I attach it.

Barbas is with us since he was a kitty. He was rescued, and kept for a short time in a protected cat colony.
Then a foster home could keep him, separated from her own cats at home (they have calcivirus).
Barbas had a chance to travel, in february 2017, so then, we tested him. And we knew about the positiveness for FeLV.
For the foster home was not possible to have him, because she has many other cats at home,
with the problems in the mouth (calicivirus)... We couldn't find a foster home for him, so he went to live at the shelter.
Barbas had a shy character when he entered the shelter. Now, he continues  a bit shy, but with our good fellow Joaquina,
who takes care of all the cats at the shelter daily, he feels confident. When Joaquina is inside his room,
he scratches on her and roll on the ground. With other people, like other volunteers, who don't see him daily, he feels shy.
He just need a time to feel safe. Barbas is not the kind of cat that since the first time is on your knees. He needs space, and time.
And respect and understanding about his "freedom".
We are pretty sure, in a home, would be different. Indeed , he needs his time. But after all, in a home, he would feel better,
and for sure, he will show his big heart. We love him so much... in his way!
When he was a kitty, in her foster home (the one with calicivirus), he was a sweet cat, not so shy. But then,
when he changed to the shelter, the situation changed for him.
Fortunately, with other cats, he is very very good! He has a respectful character with all of them. Very, very nice with other cats.


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 Barbas FelV positiv 

Auf Pflegestelle im Spanien(ESAN)

Geboren: 2016
Geschlecht: männlich kastriert
Rasse: EKH
gestestet auf: FIV negativ/FELV positiv
geimpft gegen: Katzenschnupfen, Katzenseuche
Eigenschaften: braucht Zeit um zu verstrauen, verträglich mit Artgenossen

Besonderheit: darf nicht in Freigang, weil ansteckend