Popeye is also a young , male cat. His birth date is 2015, aprox. He is a pretty blond and white cat.


He had also chances to be adopted, by a good family here, but finally, the young girl of the family, was afraid of him. He had to return back to the shelter  



  It was a big pity. Also, he tested positive for leukemia. He now lives at the shelter with other cats. Popeye was rescued last month , in a street of Albacete, dangerous and with lot of cars. He was saying hello to people, and finally, a person took him and brought to the shelter. Probably he was living in a home, because he was found clean, ears clean, good hair, etc. But no microchip, and no one asked about him. I attach his pictures, also when he was in the foster family. (Orginal Text der Auffangstation in Albacete)